4 Keys to Choosing the Right EHR

Adopting an EHR system is a huge investment for provider agencies. But it’s even more costly if the organization chooses the wrong system. 

While DD/behavioral health providers are in serious need of workflow analysis and redesign support during EHR adoption—same as the medical community—the specific issues that arise during implementation are different because the medical community operates in a different manner than DD/behavioral health providers.  Oftentimes, DD/behavioral health providers offer many different levels of care—from outpatient to residential or training programs—and all of that needs to be taken into account. 

Selecting the right EHR system is an important step in getting started down the path towards service excellence, enhanced productivity and positive outcome measurements.

Listed below are 4 keys to consider when selecting the right EHR system for your agency.

Key 1: Organizational Readiness
Key 2: Needs Assessment
Key 3: Education/ Research
Key 4: Cost/ Pricing


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