At The Heart Of The Matter

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching I’m reminded that it’s more than just a day of flowers and chocolates.  A New Leaf vocational training facility and the Tim Tebow Foundation are truly bringing to life a very unique prospective for Valentine’s Day……a prospective from the heart.

At A New Leaf   Valentine’s Day is a special time of year as it is all about the arrangements and flowers for loved ones! The team spends the day full of laughter and love as each basket is filled with blooming flowers that turn single plants into a whole. “Our clients are all heart. We are excited when this time of year comes around, as so much of that heart is portrayed in the floral arrangements created and going into our community,” said Mary C. Ogle, CEO of A New Leaf. 

This Valentine’s Day weekend, hundreds of proms planned specifically for people with special needs will take place on a single night at sites around the globe. Two hundred churches in 48 states and eight countries are expected to host the events organized by former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow through his foundation, dubbed “Night to Shine.”  While most of the proms are held in churches, the events are open to all people with special needs, regardless of their faith.

“When I was 15 years old, I began to realize the importance of fighting for people who can’t fight for themselves,” Tebow said. “As a foundation, we are so passionate about people with special needs, and this event is a great time to tell them how much they are loved by God and by all of us.”