Ditch the paper – OnTarget and DMS can show you how.

I’ve never met a Human Services provider that wasn’t drowning in paper.  Document, Document, Document – it’s the mantra of our industry, and it creates a TON of paper files!  Even though EHR’s like OnTarget help providers eliminate tens of thousands of pages per month of paper, there are still lots of other documents that you can never fully create inside the EHR, not to mention the ones that are sent to you from other vendors and community partners.

So, what are you to do?  Well, don’t just buy more file cabinets and think that you have to deal with it.  Look to OnTarget and our DMS (Document Management System) module for help.  Our DMS can help you wrangle all of that paper into a streamlined and searchable electronic record.  

Our system has been pre-populated with DMS links at many points in both the client and the employee record to help make it easier for you to use.  Just click the link and find the document you need from your hard drive, then add a description and viola, you just became paperless!

You can contact our helpful EHR Solutions Team at info@aymtech.net to learn more.