Fall, Time to Reflect on your Business

I love fall.  It is such a great time to take stock in what you have accomplished and to recharge your batteries for the long hard charge through winter. I recently had the pleasure of taking a backpacking trip to the beautiful Mt. Rogers region of Virginia and spent a weekend hiking the Appalachian Trail at the height of the fall colors.  It was truly magical to to be in the backcountry and witness the full splendor of mother nature.

Being out in that solitude also gave me time to reflect on what fall means to me as a business person as well.  I came away from the experience with a renewed sense of purpose – a new drive to accomplish something right now.  Fall is a time to harvest, to prepare for winter, to plan for the future.  In centuries past, the quality of the work you did in the fall largely determined how, or if, you lived through the winter.  It can be very much that way in business too.

If you are in Human Services, right now is our fall. We have a golden opportunity during the next few months to make plans that can impact the quality of our businesses for many winters to come.  Whether it be new Medicaid Waivers, ACO/MCO networks, performance based pricing, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Interoperability — someone please stop me any time!  The point is now is the time to make your business the best it can be.

In order to reach that new level you have to have the best people and the best tools possible.  At OnTarget we have made it our mission to deliver what we feel is the best EHR and business solution available for I/DD and Human Services providers.  We would love the opportunity to show you how we can help you reach new levels of efficiency and productivity, and make the most of your fall season.