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From the support desk – Account security do’s and Don’ts

Our team of intrepid support professionals spend their days locked in an almost Sherlock Holmes like battle with their inbox.  Each passing hour brings a new email challenge to decipher, analyze and ultimately solve – all for the betterment of our awesome customers.

Recently, we asked our support team to pass along to us some of the more common issues that they solve, so that we could share their wealth of knowledge with you.  Our hope is that we can help eliminate the easy stuff and save you some frustration as you learn to put OnTarget to work for your agency.  This week we start at the very beginning – the log in.

Below are some of the most common login related issues and how to solve them.

HELP! I forgot my password!

  • Use the “password reset” links on the log in screen.  You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

I did that but I never got an email / I don’t know how to access the email it sent to!

  • If you do not have a valid email address or are unable to access that email address you will need to contact a security administrator at your company to have them update this for you.  We take your company’s security very seriously and we insist that each agency we serve have at least one dedicated security administrator to handle setup and maintenance of user accounts.
  • OnTarget Support cannot provide usernames, passwords or reset your password, this needs to be done by a security administrator at your company.

There is no company listed in the dropdown list when I try to log in!         

  • If you type in your username and no company appears you will need to contact a company security administrator, you either have the wrong username, your account has not been created or your account is inactive. You need to contact a security administrator at your company for assistance.

HELP! It says I’m Locked Out!

  • If you present the wrong password at login you will get locked out after a certain number of times.  An email will be sent to you with the information you need to unlock the account.  If you cannot get your account unlocked or have not received an email you will need to contact your company’s security administrator.
  • When entering a password that has provided in a reset or unlock email we recommend copying and pasting.  Make sure you don’t include any spaces or other characters before or after for your copy.
  • If you are a security administrator and you are having any issues related to password, resets, or lockouts please contact OnTarget Support at support@aymtech.net