Love is all you need this Christmas

Christmas means many different things to many different people.  For some, it’s all about the gift giving and getting. For others, it’s a time of spiritual significance and reflection.  Still some struggle emotionally during the Christmas Season with feelings of loss and discontentment.  And somewhere the rest of us seem to be caught up in a mix of all these things. All tied together in a flurried and hurried season sprinkled with a little anxiety, mounds of wrapping paper, tree decorating and new credit card debt. 

Most of us love the yearly Christmas merriment with pretty twinkling lights, our favorite old Christmas carols streaming from the radio, and yummy Holiday aromas wafting around the grocery stores and markets.  But the best part of Christmas can be just the Love shared with those special to you during the Holiday Season. 

We all know some relatives are, shall we say, challenging, no matter the time of year, but we should do our best to embrace them especially at Christmas.  “The hardest ones to love, are the ones who need it the most,” right? Good ol’ Santa represents love in all languages, and believing just one person is listening and caring is a huge gift, Christmas or otherwise.

Going the extra mile to spread a little more love at Christmas, is especially meaningful.  Santa is one of those people who understands that Love can mean getting down onto the floor when necessary.  Finding a common ground of “I am here for you and love you” demonstrates a real Christmas gift of peace and good will. When it comes down to it, isn’t that exactly what we all really want to give and receive anytime of the year………

And although “All you need is Love” isn’t yet a Christmas carol, I’m working on it.

Happy Holidays with peace, joy and LOVE!