NC Task Force, Make Your Voice Heard

NC Governor Pat McCrory recently took a big step towards helping those with mental health and substance use issues feel better about seeking the help that they need, but he also needs your help.  The recently created Tash Force on Mental Health and Substance Use Issues is tasked with:

The Task Force shall, by May 1, 2016, submit finding and strategic recommendations to the

Governor for improving the lives of North Carolina children and adults with mental illness and substance use disorders and their families. In creating these strategic findings and
recommendations, the non-judicial members of the Task Force shall do the following:

  1. Evaluate the linkages between agencies of state government and local governmen and create recommendations for the transfer of existing best practices across the state;
  2. Examine the role of mental health and other specialty courts currently in North Carolina to determine how they can best be utilized to improve our efforts to address and reduce the extent to which individuals suffer from untreated mental health disorders and substance use problems;
  3. Examine successful efforts to heighten awareness and reduce stigma associated with mental health treatment in our state and recommendations on how to improve these efforts;
  4. Examine the ways the justice system can best handle cases of young people with mental illness and substance use disorders to provide them the best opportunity to each their full potential as North Carolina citizens;
  5. Examine the link between foster care and the need for mental health and substance use services to improve outcomes for teenagers when they leave the foster care system; and
  6. Any other duties as assigned by the Governor or the Co-Chairs. Any strategic findings and recommendations made by judicial members of the Task Force shall be limited to how mental health and substance use issues relate to the administration of justice.”

This represents a wonderful opportunity for those of us that work hard each day to serve persons struggling with these issues.  We have a golden opportunity to have our voices heard – and out input considered!

You can contact the task force directly at or even register to attend one of their sessions.