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Our New Year’s resolutions to change. Or maybe not……………….

Every New Year the Times Square ball drops, we all stay up way too late, and everyone seems to make those resolutions of change for a brand new beginning…….and resolutions galore there are. Gyms explode with new found fitness devotees. (Gonna get that six pack this year!) Diets begin. Nutrisystem stock soars. (Must lose twenty pounds!) Harsh self-evaluations begin, the usually futile attempts continue, and finally acceptance creeps in that this year will be no different than any other. (Insert heavy sigh here)

Accepting ourselves for who we really are.  How about that for a resolution?

We are all different, and that is perfect enough. Isn't it? I love dark chocolate, and don’t even like white chocolate. I am cat person AND a dog person.  Love the ocean, but not to swim. Golf bores me, and fishing gives me solace. Foreign foods are wonderful to my eyes, but unfortunately not to my tummy. Patience is a virtue that I struggle to possess.  I don't smoke but did at one point in life. Bad habits are part of being human and changing bad habits is a great thing to do in life. Definitely needed if your health is not optimum. But instead of a total change, perhaps just a little tweaking on the good things about ourselves already in place.

Acceptance of the somewhat perfect person we already are, and the peace that comes with it.

And what if some things about ourselves simply don’t need to be changed.  What if there is really is no reason to change anything? What if our real truth of who we are is just ok? Autistic persons may have much more insight to being pushed to change than any of us. Somehow in human development, we became side tracked that a certain way to do things, is the only way to do things. We lose the individuality we were created with. And God don’t make mistakes.

Acceptance, understanding and peace are my resolutions this year. Ok, I may hit the gym too, but the real battle is being mindful about acceptance of myself and others. Let’s resolve for something really meaningful this year. And put down that doughnut……