Performance Measures to Value

A few weeks ago we discussed how accountability and effectiveness drives success in your organizations and why it is important that we start to focus, or continue to support one another, to make this shift in how we operate.


Time is Money!


Is time really money or is it value?  I mean, this statement really is 'my time is valuable so use it wisely', when we think it or say it to others. We all value time when it is worthwhile. We all make money, but was the effort put forth the most efficient in creating the best value.

Value Based Payments are already underway and on the horizon for the rest of us. Incorporating VALUE into what we foresee to be the performance measures to gauge our effectiveness will lead to success.


Validity – demonstrates Process Measures. Measuring an action was completed beneficially.


Accountability – demonstrates Structural Measures. Measuring the conditions in which care is provided.


Longevity – demonstrates Composite Measures. Measuring the comprehensive picture of the quality of care. 


Understanding – demonstrates Patient Experience Measures. Measuring the patient's perspectives on their care. 


Effectiveness – demonstrates Outcomes Measures. Measuring the results of care. 


OnTarget partners with organizations to improve performance measures by providing a solution that integrates your clinical and business management efforts into one easy to use software, while tracking client progress with integrated financial data to prove VALUE to your funders and stakeholders.