Please Include Your Qualifications

In today’s competitive job market, even getting an initial job interview can be a challenge.  With second and third interviews becoming the norm, landing that much coveted job often requires patience and most importantly the ability to sell yourself.  Common interview questions you may encounter are “What qualifications do you have that make you successful in this career” or “What professional skills have you gained in this field”.  Pairing qualifications with past successes and listing professional classes or associations are paramount.  Things to avoid include saying you don’t have any qualifications or expressing uncertainty about your qualifications.        

For human service quality assurance managers and compliance personnel, an employee’s qualifications (or potential lack of) can have huge implications.  An employee’s qualifications, which includes any relevant certifications, are directly tied to an agency’s ability to provide services, remain compliant with health care standards, and reduce liability.     

OnTarget can help when it comes to ensuring that employees are compliant with service standards and current with required certifications.  Validations can be set per role to check for current caregiver certifications based on the set expiration dates.  Date reminders can also be entered within the Certifications section of the employee record.  Auto-generated task reminders will be sent according to the dates entered.  When used in concert, this powerful set of tools will ensure that your employees remain in compliance with service delivery guidelines.