Review of Composite Measures – Longevity

After introducing the 5 Performance Measures for value based payments, I thought maybe we should dig a little deeper into each one.  With Process Measures and Structural Measures out of the way, let’s take a look at a simple but important measure that will guide your organization toward winning Value Based Contracts.


Longevity- demonstrates Composite Measures. Measuring the comprehensive picture of the quality of care. 


As defined by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, a Composite Measure is condensing a number of quality measures into a single piece of information.


Aggregation of individual outcomes measures into a single measure to summarize your organization’s overall quality of care is how to determine a Composite Measure. While individual process and outcome measures (we will review these later) will help you identify improvement and track progress they do not define an overview of performance. Composite Measures are used to benchmark organizational performance, encourage quality improvement initiatives to increase performance against high-performing organizations and to profile organizations for Value Based Contracting. By continually reviewing your performance against these benchmarks, and taking action when necessary, you are securing Longevity in your market.  You are also holding yourself accountable to improving the lives of the people you serve.


Let’s build on our example from last time to incorporate. Your organization has improved Socialization Goals/Skills with 80% of your consumers by 60% (composite measure).  An I/DD consumer has achieved the outcome of using a tablet to communicate spoken words via an application (1 of many contributing outcomes measures) when a caregiver spent 10 hours a week for 24 weeks teaching them how it works and celebrating milestones to keep encouraging success (process measure), after the caregiver received installation and training on how to utilize the application with consumers (structural measure).


OnTarget includes a fully integrated reporting tool that allows are customers to build unlimited custom reports. Report building is extremely user friendly and offers sophisticated features to run real time reports (including Composite Measures). If you are evaluating or plan to evaluate for a performance driven solution give us a call to include OnTarget in your project.