Review of Outcomes Measures -Effectiveness

We made it to the last of the 5 Performance Measures for value based payments. With Process Measures,  Structural Measures , Composite Measures , and Patient Experience Measures out of the way it’s time to review the effect of our cause.


            Effectiveness –demonstrates Outcomes Measures. Measuring the results of care.



As defined by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, an Outcomes Measure is defined as a health state of a patient/ resulting from health care.  The focus for I/DD population for an overall Outcome is clearly focused on the successful transition from institutional care/stay to Managed Long Term Services and Supports in their own community.  We must look at benchmark outcomes as stepping stones or blocks that build up to this overall Outcome.     


Here are the questions provided by AHRQ to consider when selecting a Measure of Outcome.

  1. Are the outcome measures to be used for quality improvement or accountability?
  2. At what point in an episode of care is the outcome measured?
  3. What other organizational and non-health care factors may influence the relationship between process of care and the outcome?
  4. Can one clearly define the organization, professional, and staff who influence the observed outcome?


Performance-based payment or Value Based payments are on the horizon or already having an effect on how some of you all conduct business practices.  Many public and private payers have started programs that adjust payments to providers based on the submission of performance data. Some award bonuses to providers for meeting defined benchmarks. Payers implement these program to incentivize providers to measure and improve (key work here) their performance or Outcomes Measures.


OnTarget drives performance based accountability with our internal verification engine working as an internal audit that is customizable to meet your needs as well as your sectors standard requirements. If you are evaluating or plan to evaluate for a performance driven solution give us a call to include OnTarget in your project.