Review of Patient Experience Measures – Understanding

We are almost to the end! Just two more measures left of the 5 Performance Measures for value based payments. With Process Measures,  Structural Measures , and Composite Measures out of the way now we can focus on why we do the work we do, the persons (clients).


Understanding – demonstrates Patient Experience Measures.



As defined by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, a Patient Experience Measure records their perspective of care.


Self-assessment or surveying of the individuals served has been an approach high performing organizations have used for years to compare data from staff reported outcomes or staff assessments of their clients. This data is used for multiple purposes including making sure we are building transformational relationships with our clients.  


When we look at measuring client experience it may seem to be as simple as a general survey, however attention to detail on what and when a question or feedback is asked is important in order to get the most efficient data available. We will use this data to improve care, enhance strategic planning and decision making, benchmarking our clients’ expectation of care, and to manage or monitor our performance.  Something as simple as a question being asked that is not relevant to the service area setting (i.e. group home vs drop in center) can impact how a client would answer.


In order to start developing a list of measures we should understand the definitions of several common terms that are often used or interpreted as Patient Experience:


Patient Satisfaction – Patient Perceptions – Patient Engagement – Patient Participation – Patient Preference


Once we have an understanding of these we will want to apply Qualitative and/or Quantitative data measures that allow for a mixed method of data analysis.



OnTarget customers do not have a user cap and are allowed unlimited user log-ins and user security roles. Client Roles can be set up as templates or uniquely to allow for Patient Experience Measures to be reported. This information is live in OnTarget and can be reported in real-time.  If you are evaluating or plan to evaluate for a performance driven solution give us a call to include OnTarget in your project.