Review of Process Measures – Validity

After introducing the 5 Performance Measures for value based payments, I thought maybe we should dig a little deeper into each one.


Validity – demonstrates Process Measures. Measuring an action was completed beneficially.


Is this resonating with you?  If so then you see the value of Performance Measures whether they are tied to payments or not.


As defined by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Process Measures assess the activities carried out by health care professionals to deliver services. It can include an action taken at a specific time or a particular procedure added to a treatment plan that has shown effectiveness for consumers.


The more interesting detail here is how they are used. This is fairly broad and can be meaningful for the care provider up to the payer source. They will be used to compare effectiveness between providers, guide value-based payment programs and establish pay for performance incentives. Your community stakeholders, funders, consumers and the general public will have access to their results.


Some of us have already embodied Process Measures and are reporting successfully. Some are establishing the right measures to track. Some are reading this and wondering how will I select measures for my organization.  Again the AHRQ has provided us with 3 questions to guide this process.


  1. Is there strong evidence linking the process to outcomes?
  2. Is the execution of process affected by other events outside the control of the provider?
  3. Is the collection of the required level of data feasible?


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