See Green with Timesheets

You may have seen a lot of green this week as the world around you celebrated St. Patrick’s Day.  You may have even participated in the celebration by drinking green beer or wearing your finest green gear. While going green is the thing to do on March 17th, staying green year round is the thing to do to run a profitable business. And the green I mean is associated with that pot of gold.  

If you are in the Human Services Industry, one critical way to stay green is to ensure your billing is integrated with your payroll. Your organization most likely pays the majority of its staff for the amount of time they spend providing services. In that case, your company’s financial well-being has to rely upon a process that ensures the money going out for payroll is supported by the money coming in from billing.

OnTarget’s trusted solution for staying green is its Timesheet module. Implementing timesheets promotes an automatic reconciliation of billing to payroll. Whether clinical documentation is imported into the timesheet or time is directly entered onto a timesheet, both scenarios allow billing and payroll to operate off of a single entry. This eliminates any differences in the amount being billed versus amount being paid. And no more reconciling paper timesheets to clinical documentation, where even with the upmost careful inspection, discrepancies will prevail!

See this green saving solution in action here. In just a few simple steps, you can have your business on track to find that pot of gold.